Dr. Alex Pintilie

Specialist Dentist
Dento-Alveolar Surgery & Implantology
Dr Alexandru Pintilie

Dr. Alexandru Pintilie Claudiu – Training courses / Activity


Dentist, Dento-Alveolar Surgery Specialist & Implantology


  • Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest
  • Dento-Alveolar Surgery Residency
  • Master in Dental Implantology
  • Master of Oral Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Aggregation


Over 10 years of professional experience in complex, functional, durable and aesthetic dental restorations.

  • Reconstructions and bone additions
  • Internal and external sinus lift
  • Muco-gingival surgery

“Within the Dental Premier team, I am involved in complex oral rehabilitation procedures. Years of experience in surgery and dental implantology have brought me unique cases to solve, which sometimes represented real challenges. But, thanks to the accumulated experience, I managed with each particular case to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Training and professional development

  • Advanced Course of Complications in Implantology Institute of Advanced Implantology
  • Osteology Foundation Barcelona 2019 – Hands on Isabella Roccheta Bone Augmentation
  • Soft tissue microsurgery, Steigmann Institute – Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Dent 4 All Congress UMF Carol Davila
  • Sutures and Flaps in Current Rx Dental Practice
  • Fundamental sciences in Oral Implantology
  • Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology
  • Lip and wrinkle augmentation course
  • Bone Regeneration in Oral Implantology
  • Sinus Lift Surgical Protocols Live Surgery
  • Oral Surgery and Minimally Invasive Implantology Modules I and II
  • The Alpha Bio system. Hands on models.
  • Resista Implantology Course
  • SSER Implantology and Hands on Surgical Guides
  • Esthetic Restorations on Implants
  • SSER 2015,2016,2017,2019
  • Focus: Terra Dent Dental Photography

CSID – CE SE ÎNTÂMPLĂ, DOCTORE? – Dr. Anca Rusu & Dr. Alexandru Pintilie – Gingiile inflamate, primele semne ale bolii parodontale

Profesionistii Zambetului - Dr. Anca Rusu & Dr. Alex Pintilie - Solutii rapide de implantologie orala

Profesionistii Zambetului - Dr. Anca Rusu & Dr. Alex Pintilie - Sanatatea si estetica gingivala

Profesionistii Zambetului – Despre reconstructia osoasa in stomatologie - Dr. Anca Rusu & Dr. Alex Pintilie