Dr. Cristi Nechita

Specialist Dentist
Dento-Alveolar Surgery & Implantology

Dr. Cristi Nechita – Training courses / Activity


Dentist Specialist Dento-Alveolar Surgery & Dental Implantology


  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Faculty of Dental Medicine, Bucharest
  • Dento-Alveolar Surgery Residency – Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Clinical Hospital, Bucharest


Extensive professional experience in complex, functional, durable and aesthetic dental restorations.

  • Reconstructions and bone additions
  • Internal and external sinus lift
  • Muco-gingival surgery

Training and professional development

  • International Congress of Osteology, Barcelona: “The next Regeneration” 2019
  • Congress Megagen 5th edition: Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli:” Soft tissue defects around osteointegrated implants” 2018
  • Workshop Dr. Davide Farronato, Dr. Fillipo Fontana, Dr. Iulian Filipov – “GBR – Ti Mesh – Khoury technique” 2018
  • Workshop Dr. Alessandro Ponte: “Sinus lift with insertion of implants. Tips and tricks – how to manage possible complications” 2017
  • Congress Implants connected to nature 9th edition: Dr. Nigel Saynor: “Contemporary implant concepts – predictable outcomes” 2017
  • Workshop Dr. Yuval Zubery: “Suturing for GBR procedures with collagen membranes” 2016
  • Workshop Dr. Florian Obadan and Tech. Vasile Bacila – “Immediate fixed restoration with a reduced number of implants – The fast & fixed Therapy” 2016
  • Congress Implants connected to nature 8th edition: Dr. Henriette Lerner – “Algorithms of Successful Bone Grafting” 2016
  • Workshop Dr. Cristian Dinu:”Anyridge Megagen dental implant – a premium solution for any clinical situation” 2014
  • Congress Implants connected to nature 6th edition: Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic – “Implant therapy and bone & soft tissue reconstruction” 2014
  • Workshop Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu and Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu “Imprint in oral implantology” 2013
  • Workshop Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu: “Implant insertion techniques” 2013
  • Congress Implants connected to nature 5th edition: Dr Maurice Salama “Risk factors in anterior implant therapy – Important diagnostic components leading to successful treatment design for an esthetic implant restoration” 2013
  • Seminar of “Tumor Markers-Immunotherapy”: 2012
  • “Eugenol Summit” 2012

CSID – CE SE ÎNTÂMPLĂ, DOCTORE? – Dr. Anca Rusu & Dr. Cristi Nechita – Despre implantul dentar ghidat digital – Ghidul chirurgical

Sky Fast and Fixed Bredent - Dr. Cristi Nechita & Dr. Anca Rusu

Implantul subperiostal - Dr. Cristi Nechita & Dr. Anca Rusu

Implant Ghidat Digital - Dr. Cristi Nechita & Dr. Anca Rusu - Ghidul Chirurgical