implant dentures with full mouth dental implants

Patient 51 years old, All-on-6 implant dentures with full mouth dental implants

The 51-year-old patient benefited from a full dental rehabilitation in 24 hours at the upper jaw with the help of the All-on-6 Megagen implant system. The patient’s smile was successfully restored by our team of specialist doctors, Dr. Cristi Nechita, Dento-Alveolar Surgery Specialist and Dr. Bogdan Moales, Prosthetician, Cerec 3D Cad/Cam Computerized Dental Prosthetics Specialist.

Maxillary – Fixed denture on 6 Megagen implants

  • Extraction of the remaining teeth on the arch (since they could no longer be saved)
  • PRGF – accelerated healing with the help of plasma
  • Bone reconstruction
  • Sinus Lifting
  • All on 6 – 6 Megagen implants + temporary fixed denture in 24 hours

The purpose of the sinus lift intervention is to increase the amount of bone in the posterior area of the jaw and create a stable support for the insertion of dental implants, on which the definitive prosthesis will be fixed (a bridge of 12 teeth fixed with 6 implants).

Usually 6 implants and a fixed prosthesis are used in the upper jaw and 4 implants and a fixed prosthesis in the lower jaw. But sometimes it is possible to need more implants for the complete reconstruction of the dental arch.

The advantages of Megagen implants

Among the main benefits of Megagen dental implants we list:

  • Replacement of any type of tooth;
  • Very resistant in the area of the molars;
  • Very stable in situations where the jaw bone is not of the best quality;
  • Allows the immediate attachment of a temporary fixed crown;
  • Allow prostheses to be fixed on implants through the locator;
  • The price of dental treatment decreases, because reducing its duration;
  • Offers patients long-term aesthetic results.

What is the price of a full denture on implants?

The price of a complete denture fixed on implants is given by the total cost of the two stages of the procedure. The price of the first stage of inserting the implants and attaching the temporary fixed denture is given by the number of implants needed and their brand. The cost of permanent fixed denture is given by the price of the materials from which the prosthesis is made.

In our top dental clinic in Bucharest, Romania we offer a wide range of premium implants and dentures made of 100% biocompatible materials, of the best quality: composite, ceramic, zirconium, etc.

We invite you to consult our offer of prices for implants and full fixed dentures in 24 hours.